Bucketfeet: New Release Pescao & Vidaboa

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Brazilian rooted and art inspired footwear brand Bucketfeet released two new shoes with artwork by Rio locals Bruno Carneiro Mosciaro (BRUNOBIG) and Marcelo Ment (MENT). If you’re not familiar with either of their work then the Pescao & Vidabao will serve as your introduction. The founders of Bucketfeet created the brand to give artists a platform to showcase their work and footwear was the perfect solution to spread art in a creative way. This stems from an idea Aaron Firestein (Founder/Creative Director) had during his college days at the University of Oregon where he started drawing on canvas sneakers. He gained notoriety around campus and started making money on the side by selling the shoes. After meeting his now partner and CEO Raaja Nemani in Argentina while they were volunteering with kids in the slums outside Buenos Aires, the two kept in contact and in 2011 Bucketfeet was born.

The two models shown are the interpretations of life in the favelas through the eyes and hands of illustrator/art educator Marcelo and artist/designer Bruno, who have both made names for themselves on the graffiti scene locally and internationally. MENT is currently part of the Severo172 crew which is a collective of artists, designers, and cultural producers who coordinate the actions of the Severo172 Gallery – the first space exclusively dedicated to the street art in the city of Rio de Janeiro. BRUNOBIG, whose work can be seen in videos and feature films, has worked with the likes of Nike, Converse, and Coca-Cola, can now be found administering the department of stencil and engraving in the Art and Design faculty of his alma-mater PUC- RIO.

Both Pescao and Vidaboa are a classic slip-on silhouette using premium canvas for the upper, have an extra soft cotton-canvas lining, and a super durable rubber outsole. The artwork on both shoes represent Rio de Janeiro and the cities view on graffiti as being a tool to bring an experience of art to all people. Graffiti is an expression and an artform not a crime. With that said, support Bucketfeet and their cause by purchasing their shoes because not only do they pay the artists royalties for every pair sold, they supports kids through programs in art, music, and sports. Thank You.

Bucketfeet are SOLE LUVA approved!

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