Recap: TI$A 2nd Annual Halloween Ball 2013

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So um… What was everyone’s Halloween like this year?

We spent ours with TI$A at the 2nd Annual TI$A Halloween Ball 2013.

Very unlike its predecessor the previous year (which featured Problem as a headliner and was so packed that it got shut down), this one was quite the… chill fest. Supposed to boast the man behind the brand Taz Arnold as a host for the night and LA ratchet hero Ty Dolla $ign as a headliner, it featured neither of those things and a number of other supposed headliners also did not show up (including TiRon & Ayomari).

What we did get were some usual things associated with TI$A events: fashion kids, wild outfits, and overall pretty people typically too cool to dance so as not to sweat in their really expensive clothes or scuff their very rare shoes. Some heads did do as 3 Stacks once suggested and took off their cool enough to get down with the getdown though… Namely some women with their backsides exposed.

We also got some very chill performances from the cats that did show up. DJ Sets from Mike Danger, Mando Fresko, DJ John John, Drew Byrd, Cypress Moreno & Brainfeeder’s PBODY kept the energy and trap drums in the Halloween night air, playing the soundtrack to the chatter of mingling Slick Ricks and half-naked chicks.

Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals (formerly known as Breezy LoveJoy) graced the stage with the opening (and the best) performance of the night breezing through jawns off of O.B.E. Vol 1, their hit debut project from last year. It must be duly noted that Anderson played the drums, rapped, and sung at the same damn time throughout the entire performance and never missed a beat or a pitch. That dude is truly a talent.

We also got hit off with turnt up raps from Jay 305 (who strangely only rocked one song but had the largest crowd and reaction of the night) and Texas Trill rapper Maxo Kream alongside the Queen of HeArtz Raven Sorvino. Raven, formerly of LanguageArtz, ran through her new fashion of Trill B*tch raps before passing the mic off to Maxo who ran through purple-tinted songs off his recent tape, QuiccStrikes.

Brainfeeder’s Azizi Gibson was also in the house and closed the night off with a laid back set, flossin’ through joints off his recently released & acclaimed mixtape, “Ghost In A Shell.”

Check the pictures above & below for snippets of what you missed.
Hope y’all got the candy or candy flippin’ you wanted this Halloween.


Absent Avery

All photo shot in film by Absent Avery

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