Troy Ave “New York City” The Album

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Artist: Troy Ave
Album: New York City
Released: November 4th, 2013

New York City has been in a heat of discussion within the last couple of weeks in heavy favor due to the recent release of Brooklyn’s own Troy Ave “New York City” The Album. Powder to the People!

Within recent years, Troy Ave has been building his buzz and music pedigree releasing mixtapes such as the Bricks in my Backpack series, Kilos for Cheap (KFC), White Christmas, BSB Volume series, and The Key Mix. He’s got an authentic classic late 80’s mix with the 90’s golden era New York flow that gives you that raw New Jack City/Harlem World Dope Boy feeling. For his latest project, Troy Ave took time honing in his skills to deliver a Classic from top to bottom that gives you that authentic New York sound the game has been missing for many years since the G-Unit/Dip Set era (POWDER).

The first single off his debut album titled “Hot Out” is a summer time banger that you could compare to the classic Jay-Z track “Sunshine” ft. Foxy Brown shot in Atlantic City that’s been blazing the radio air waves across the East Coast. The album also delivers another standout track “Cigar Smoke” produced by Scram Jones that’s a slow melody song that you instantly vibe to as soon as you press play, which shares vivid flashbacks of his childhood tied with his current reality, burning desires, rap style, and the lifestyle growing up as a hustler.

Troy Ave explains, “This is going to be a classic. This is the best representation of New York City Rap in over a decade. I promise. I’ll give people their money back if it’s not the best in over a decade. I got the classic sound and I’m improving on it. This album is like a classic car, like a Mercedes Benz, but this is the new body that came out.”

The project features songs including “Classic Feel,” “New York City” and “Me Against The World.” The album also includes guest appearances from Raekwon, Pusha T, N.O.R.E., Tony Yayo and production by Scram Jones, Araab Muzik, Harry Fraud, Chase N Cashe among others. Check out the his latest video and a playlist of the entire project below. POWDER!!

– Knowledge “What’s the Science”

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