Aaron Cohen: Potential Fans

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Artist: Aaron Cohen
Mixtape: Potential Fans
Released: November 11, 2013

A few weeks ago we had the chance to see Seattle spitter turned New York rep, Aaron Cohen perform at Alexander Spits album release show in LA. Soon after we found out he recently released his latest tape dubbed Potential Fans on Decon/Mass Appeal. We know Cohen has been putting in work for a minute now, with countless of music video’s and previous mixtapes like Murk and Crack. If your not a fan of his music yet, you’ll potentially be after listening to Potential Fans.

Potential fans is a well put together body of work with a variety of vibes from new wave, to boom bap, to trap shit! You’ll find notable appearances from Fool’s Gold alumn Grande Marshall, Kassa Overall, and ICK member ABGOHARD. You can expect production work by Tommy Kruise, Daimyo, Eff.Dope, and Jansport J.

Some of the standout tracks include:

Titled track “Potential Fans” (produce by Tommy Kruise). Cohen addresses the lady’s and record labels that he isn’t going to change in any type of way to please them! And he ain’t here to save them hoes neither. stating “I ain’t got critics.. I got potential fans… cuz real muthafuckas know who I’am”. In other words, real music heads know who he is and someone that’s open to good music can also be a potential fan! Word up!

“My Mother and My Music” (Produce by Eff.Dope) is a anthem to all those who are passionate about pursuing their dreams in life, and knowing that they’ll do almost anything to make their dreams manifest into reality, even if you have to move 3,000 miles to peruse your dreams and put your city on the map, so be it! At the end of the day nothing matters more than your family and accomplishing your goals. With that being said “I dont love you bitch… I love my mother and my music.” That’s some real shit!

“Still Around” feat. Hefna Gwap, (Produce by Lord Plawz) has a sample from Barry White “Playing Your Game Baby” or you might recognize it from Black Moon’s “I Got Cha Opin” remix produced by Da Beatminerz. Cohen pays homage to the grind, the people that held him down since day one, and the city that inspired him to do this music shit. Even though he’s making moves, flying oversea, he’s still hanging in the same places, still around for the same people that held him down and keeping all that money he made from grinding underground.

In my opinion I respect anyone that’s true to themselves at all times and is really out there grinding independently, making shit happen for themselves and their team! I salute that!

Potential Fans is a solid mixtape, stream/download below and stay tune for our exclusive interview we did with Aaron Cohen.

In Aaron Cohen words ‘Gottem Coach’!


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