Blossom: ‘Blue Balloons / The Longest Journey’

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Artist: Blossom
Album: ‘Blue Balloons / The Longest Journey’
Released: December 20, 2013
Label: Project: Mooncircle

Polish producer Blossom, drops his new LP entitled “The Longest Journey” on vinyl through Berlin label Project: Mooncircle. As a bonus they added his debut album “Blue Balloons” to the package, which will be pressed on vinyl for the first time.

“The Longest Journey“ represents the musical journey of Łukasz Czajewski, depicting a one year cycle in his life, rich in thoughts, important life-events and experiences. He processed influences like nature, mind-created images and innervisions to create an album about one’s journey into the understanding of the world, soul, consciousness and creation. While seasons came and went, he reflected on these events and gained valuable experiences. Every single track has its unique meaning and is a part of this inner expedition. Ultimately, it all comes down to one
question: Where are YOU heading in Your journey?

Several months of hard work between January 2010 and October 2011 resulted in “Blue Balloons“, an album filled with delicately arranged downtempo guitar motifs, distinctive complex rhythms and complementing rich basslines, all encased in the unique aura that surrounds Blossom’s debut album and gives it a deeply atmospheric feel.

This is definitely a dope project to vibe out to if it’s gloomy/raining outside or if your in a painting mood. Grab a cup of coffee and let your thoughts/creativity flow.

You can stream ‘Blue Balloons / The Longest Journey’ Snippet below and purchase a digital download or order the vinyl version at Rush Hour.


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