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Artist: G.L.A.M.
Mixtape: The Feel
Released: January 22, 2014

Reigning from the acclaimed Oakland region of San Francisco’s Bay Area, G.L.A.M. releases her third fully independent mixtape album, entitled “The Feel”. Well received for her authentic emcee appeal, G.L.A.M. (an acronym for Good Lyrics and Music) builds upon her rich musical ancestry (her father is Dangerous Dame, reknowned writer for Too Short; mami is platinum selling artist Nic Nac).

The opening track of the mixtape, “Feel” introduces G.L.A.M. with the notion that she’s gonna “give ’em (listeners) something that they can feel,” later stating in “M0bb1n” that “If it ain’t bout that real it (doesn’t) concern us.” Alright- so she’s my type.

Conceptually, tracks like “ba$$”, “Roll Up”, and “M0bb1n” spark an interest from the title names alone, but G.L.A.M.’s self-produced beats cater to deep bass, a tight kickbeat, and a fierce flow that flaunts fresh style and flair, serving something much more: G.L.A.M. is a force emcee to be reckoned with.

“Roll Up” boasts smooth production deeply-rooted in classic hip hop samples with an original twist. G.L.A.M.’s beat selection, calculated rap rhythm, and sharp-shooting hooks attest to her emcee appeal as she say’s “rhythm is the hustle/ melody is my language.”

The shortest track off the mixtape (1:27), “Big Sexy’s Dedication” goes the hardest. Hip hop scholars search for mystical melodies such as this and once they find it, it’s hard to let go. Ideally, the song’s beat, lyrics, and flow should be a synonymous delivery in tune with a single purpose. Sampling The Jones Girls’ “Who Can I Run To,” the track flies as G.L.A.M. goes off:

“While these old songs on the mix
that I’m finding
that talk ’bout how
we wish we grew up in the 90’s

Let’s get re-acquainted,
now this ain’t hip hop, it’s tainted
but to me,
it depends on the love
and the stroke from the brush
and the way that you paint it”

With “The Feel”, G.L.A.M. pays respect to the higher form of art that rap could potentially be. Akin to life, “it depends on the love, the stroke from the brush, and the way that you paint it.” With a deep appreciation for G.L.A.M. (Good Lyrics and Music), “The Feel” creates a potent peace of sonic art. 21 years young, G.L.A.M is perfectly in tune, funky fresh, with a flow to impress, and ready for the next track. Stay tune as we’ll be dropping an exclusive interview with G.L.A.M herself very soon! In the meantime get familiar and download/listen to “The Feel” now on livemixtapes.

Leslie Dizon
(Aka Big L)

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