Isaiah Rashad – Cilvia Demo

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Artist: Isaiah Rashad
Album: Cilvia Demo
Released: January 28, 2014
Label: TDE

Isaiah Rashad. This is a name you should make sure to familiarize yourself with. It was just a few month’s ago that I learned TDE had a new signee. And often times when exposed to a new artist one tends to do research, and either listen to all previous work (which is an approach I admit to taking 100% of the time), or wait until the next project backed by the label to be released. Isaiah was a diamond in the rough, just as Kendrick was, and Top Dawg is apparently one of the best miners in hip hop right now.

Recently, Isaiah Rashad released what is considered to be his debut LP, Cilvia Demo. I was excited to see what he would bring to the table, and after extensive listening, I can definitely say I’m satisfied with the quality of the work, but more so I’m excited to hear what Isaiah will deliver in the future.

Cilvia Demo has a consistent flow and vibe that allows you to listen to it as if it was a cassette tape, continuously from front to back. The song writing skill is more than evident throughout, plus the ability to be relevant and tap into minds with lyrics that can relate to most anyone’s situation allow me to deem Isaiah Rashad the best writer on the TDE squad right next to Kendrick. If I were to use an analogy, I’d say that the two of them are NASCAR Racers under the same sponsorship, and every race ends with a photo finish.

Although I’d like to simply say that you should give Cilvia Demo a listen because you’re sure to be satisfied, I won’t. I’ve decided to name three songs that stood out to me, and demanded to be repeated! (of course there may be more, and every one will have different opinions, but this is mine) I’ll start this list off with “West Savannah,” it’s not the usual song you expect to hear on a “rap” tape or album, which starts the stand out for me. “West Savannah” is a joint that made me feel as though I needed to spark a blunt with a shawty and vibe out. It’s melodic, he sings, and exposes his ability to use his voice as an instrument and think outside the box when writing a song. This song will definitely be on a lot of people’s “Isaiah Rashad Top 5 List.” Next has to be “R.I.P. Kevin Miller”, this joint has no empty spaces, and the cadence catches your attention. It’s one of those sway side to side and nod your head tracks. He does a good job at catching the ear with his “Yall live for bitches and blunts, we live for weed and money” hook. Plain and simple the message is to “WAKE UP,” and the lyrics back it up. Last, but definitely not least is “Shot You Down,” I mean I know this song was released month’s ago, and it’s probably been overlooked or forgotten, but in my honest opinion this joint displays what next level is. Although, Jay Rock is my favorite member of TDE, I can’t even be biased and say he had the best verse. Of course he spit, and Isaiah did his job as well, but I felt as though his skill and ability put Rock and Q on their toes, which in turn, brought out the best in Q (if you ask me). Isaiah going first set the tone and by listening to the song, as well as reading the lyrics, it’s evident that both of the TDE members in the feature took it up another notch. Q had one of my favorite verses I’ve heard on his behalf. Rock delivered as he usually does, but you could still hear the hunger in his voice, which tells you that they don’t take Isaiah lightly, and you shouldn’t either.

Speaking what’s truly in your mind seems to have been lost in a lot of hip-hop today, Cilvia Demo is going to make my list of albums that contributed to the re-emergence of opening your mind, and expressing your deeper thoughts. Like I said in the beginning, Top Dawg is one of the best miners when it comes to finding diamond’s in the rough. Every member of TDE is there for a reason, and I’m excited to see how the future unfolds for each of these artists. The best advice I can give you now is, keep an open ear, mind, and stop underestimating the talent that’s out there. Hip-Hop is resurrecting. Now, the question is, are you going to take part in the support of it, or are you going to sit and watch it pass you by, just as life did for a lot of people?

Henry The pHaraoH

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