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As the weekend approaches, there has been one video that has drawn the attention from many people that has gone viral over the last couple of days. Recently, there was a mini video release by HUVR HOVERBOARDS showcasing a new age hoverboard inspired by the classic 1989 film Back to the Future Part II, by a group of MIT students who wanted to re-create the sci-fi movie magic into an actual product. The video explains after four years of research, science, electrical engineering and magnetism studies from 2010 MIT Physics Graduate Program personnel what the world has always been waiting for is here. Well in reality….. What we thought and hoped for. The video has an appearance of Tony Hawk and actor Christopher Lloyd, who played “Doc” Emmett L. Brown in the Back to the Future franchise. Musician Moby, football player Terrell Owens, hip-hop artist Schoolboy Q, actress Agnes Buckner and actor Billy Zane also jump in on the action making appearances. Even tho it’s not real, it’s def worth a watch and entertaining to watch the HUVR HOVERBOARDS in action.

Knowledge “What’s the Science”

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