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Pornigami By Erin Leigh

We got the chance to catch up with artist Harv Glazer to get a little deeper into his latest vision, we ended up inspired by his masterly collection of various works. Check out this weeks muse, Pornigami and see more of this serious talent here!

ISM: Hi Harv, so straight to it, what is Pornigami?

Pornigami is an art form I created based on the idea of creating an origami woman. There is really only one rule to Pornigami, you can only use triangles to create the complex folds of a woman (clothing can use non triangular shapes). The triangle theme comes from the folds of the origami crane which I consider the most popular piece of origami and it is comprised almost entirely of triangle shaped folds.

photo 1

ISM: How did it come to fruition?

Pornigami actually started out as an idea for a skateboard graphic, it was much more elementary than my current pieces but I knew I had created something I’d never seen before. I’d see other people’s art and get these tiny jealous thoughts, why didn’t I think of that, and this was the first time artistically I was actually jealous of my own idea. I knew from that point that I had to continue developing the art form. Funny thing is that I actually just finished some designs for an artist collaboration I’m doing with Red Star Skateboards so the original idea is coming to fruition but in a much more stylized and matured manner.

ISM: Is there more to come?

I am constantly pushing the boundaries of what I can do Pornigami. I just finished a piece, Pornigami Kiyomi, It was the first piece I did that has curly hair, she is made up of 8000 triangles, yes 8000. She took me a year to complete and I think I lost my eye sight working on her but she is magnificent.

photo 2

ISM: What’s your story?

Well my story is pretty long so I’ll try to keep it short, I’ve done a lot so far in this crazy life of mine. Started a skateboard/snowboard company in high school called Or:g, I then tried to go to film school but I was told I wasn’t good enough, dropped out after a year to take my skate/snow company global at the age of 20. Traveled the world on that train for 4 or 5 years, had a lot of success and a lot of fun but ended up on my mom’s couch broke but happy. Went to school for 3D animation and Fx, opened an Fx/animation/design house. Sold that to the biggest music video company in Canada at the time. Became a director 8 months later, a year later, my 8th video would be for Shaggy “Luv me Luv me” off his 10 million records selling album. Left that company and started 235films, took over the music video industry in Canada for the last 13 years. Started directing feature films “Kickin It Old Skool, Van Wilder 3, Bitten” (take that York University). Came back to music video’s and I’m about to reach my 150th music video as a director and I’ve produced/ hundreds more including Drake “Started From The Bottom” last year which gave me 2 BET awards a Muchmusic award and an MTV VMA nomination. Started working in the skate industry again for fun, came up with Pornigami and here we are, so yeah, it’s been a bit of a wild ride…


ISM: You do a lot of amazing work, what’s next for you?

I’m knee deep in a documentary I’m producing and directing about one man’s journey to recreate the ceiling of the Sistine chapel out of 250,000 Rubik’s Cubes. It’s being built this year and it’s going to be a pretty cool doc as it focuses a lot of it’s attention on art. After that I’m taking on another doc this time revolving around my first love, skateboarding. I also have a couple of features I’m working on getting financed, scripts etc, and still knocking out some of my best work in music video to date. Keeping busy and loving life.

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