Kanati Co. – The Made-on-Demand Program

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Kanati Co. has launched a new program geared towards helping small to mid-sized clothing brands. The Made-on-Demand program has redefined who can have and maintain their own brand. We have all seen dope designers come and go because they can’t keep up with the costs of running a clothing company. This service changes that.

Forget cheap print shops and generic third party t-shirt brands. Kanati Co. offers only cut and sew made to a designers technical specifications. They do not use any third party blanks of any kind.

The best part is a brand doesn’t need a budget for inventory. Kanati Co. enables brands to offer a wide range of goods they usually couldn’t afford to do on their own. This is possible because no pieces are made until a customer places an order. We even offer blind shipping to the customer within days of purchase. .

For brands who want to stack their own inventory, they offer member pricing which is reasonably priced and aimed at helping brands grow to their full potential.

For a small annual fee, a brand can choose either a Basic or a Premium membership package that cover all of their packaging, labels and set ups as well as other services.

Among the numerous brands using this service there are also many celebrity brands. The program has solutions for brands at any stage but is the most beneficial for a young company.

This service is a new and innovative way of doing business in the fashion world.

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