Submerse – Slow Waves

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Artist: Submerse
Album: Slow Waves
Release Date: July 25, 2014
Label: Project: mooncircle

After a series of well acclaimed EP’s, London based beatmaker and producer Submerse gets ready to drop his first full length album on Project: mooncircle, titled ‘Slow Waves.’ Submerse took the time and sat down to reflect on all his experiences and converted them into soundscapes filled with smooth electronic, hip hop, and broken beat ambiance. Each track is created from very specific moments in Submerse life.

‘Slow Waves’ is a collection of multi-layered memories, stacked like grainy polaroids in an old box in the closet or under the bed while the colors fade. A young Rob under the Christmas tree or holding a school cone on his first day of grammar school. Images of travels across Europe and Japan, moments slipping in trains or planes while landscapes passing by. Memories so unique to his life, yet so similar to the fading memories of youth and adolescence we all have…

‘Slow Waves’ is def one of our favorite project so far from this year. It comes out worldwide on July 25, 2014. In the meantime listen to the full project snippet above and if you like the vibes, you can pre order it here. Enjoy!

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