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Polyester the saint Interview by Prescilla Vielman

Coming to you live from Fairfax as the ILLSociety crew stands in front of the ‘Turntable LAB” choppin it up with Polyester the Saint. The Producer/Rapper Poly has a smooth demeanor that’s chill and laid back or as he’s explains just “Being Creez”.

Did you make that word “Creez” up?

No, I didn’t actually, my friends in Long Beach made it up. It was about 6-7 years ago where one morning my friend just came up to me and was like “Creez! Creez! Creez!” and I was like WHAT? What is that? So he explained it to me and it just stayed with me. Even my mom says Creez.

How would one stay Creez?

You stay Creez by staying in your Creez. Everybody has his or her own Creez and that’s how you stay Creez. You gotta stay you and be you to the fullest. That’s what Creez is, “Be you all the way to the max.”

As an Inglewood native, I went bananas when I first heard “Choose Up” at Dom’s listening party. You guys obviously work well together, what’s your relationship like?

We met each other already as musicians so our friendship branched off from there. All the songs that we do like “Choose Up” is just another night of us like let’s get together and make something, then we make it and everybody’s like, “yeeeeeeeee!!!” so we keep it going.

What do you think of the West Coast music right now? As far as how it used to be versus how it is right now. Growing up listening to g-funk and rap I know what original west coast music sounds like. Most mainstream “West Coast Artist” don’t even have a West Coast sound anymore. When I listen to your records it has that original West Coast feel. If I’m in Japan and they play your shit I know its LA, all day!

I feel like it’s like that in all music right now. Now I feel like everybody isn’t sounding where their from and that’s what you gotta do to get back on. If you’re from Chicago, sound like you from Chicago. If you’re from LA, sound like you’re from LA. In the 90s, that’s what everybody sounded like. It was their steelo. You don’t sound like me cuz I rap like this. Now it’s like who can be the best Wayne or who can be the best Drake and I’m not trying to be neither one of them.

If you could work with one artist, dead or alive. Who would it be?

Probably Andre 3000. I think with people like that it aint like oh lets make a hip-hop track or oh lets try to make a single. With People like that there’s no boundaries.

What are your Favorite Top 3 Albums of all time? Whether it be from Indie to Hip Hop to Electro Funk.

Of all time? Maaaaan I would say “The Love Below” by Andre 3000. Stevie Wonder but I can’t pick just one so I’ll say “Songs In a Key of Life” and the third one I would say mine “Something to Creez to” and my new release “Real Deal P”.

Speaking of Stevie Wonder, I read somewhere that he gave you your first keyboard growing up. You still talk to Stevie?

I haven’t spoke to him in about a year or so. Every once in a while he comes into different parts of my life just to say hey.

You know people still playing jawns from “Curly Tops & Nautica Jackets”. When will we see another project with all LA Artist?

Probably soon. People always ask me why we didn’t do track with all LA artist right after, but I felt like everyone needed to grow as artist and into who they wanted to be.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Me? I don’t know, Creez. Haha that’s hard, Super Creez!

If there were one song that played when you walked into a room, what would it be?

It would definitely be a Rick James song.

The ILLSOCIETY crew had a wonderful time hanging out with Polyester the Saint and make sure you checkout his new project
The Real Deal P.”

-Prescilla Vielman
Photos by Bianca Giovanna

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