RECAP: Pac Div & Thurz L.A. Show At The El Rey

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Los Angeles’ up & coming street wear clothing brand Dream Urban hosted another inspiring event this past Friday (3-9-2012) at the El Rey theatre. Dream Urban Clothing made their official stamp on the Los Angeles Hip-Hop map when they hosted the infamous Kendrick Lamar event last August where the passing of the legendary West Coast “torch” took place.

Friday the spotlight was fixated on Los Angeles’ very own Pac Div and Thurzday as headliners and other featured artists. As you can imagine, no one was disappointed. Dizzy Wright, Goldie Slim and Cold Blooded Soul undoubtedly had the crowd hyped, but our favorite opener of the night was Anya. Although she was one of the first openers, Anya really made a mind blowing impression. It’s clear to see she’s out here reppin’ hard for the ladies whose talents often get overshadowed in the hip-hop community. Anya’s voice over the live band was reminiscent of a young, powerful Gwen Stefani mixed with Esthero’s mellow vibrancy of a voice. Anya is definitely an artist to be on the lookout for! Another surprise artist was Dizzy Wright who commanded the stage with his amazing performance that showed off his raw lyrical talents and skillful punchlines fused with harmonized melodies. Dizzy caught the attention of many while on stage and is another up and coming artist to be on the lookout for in the coming year.

Thurzday, who’s earned himself the reputation of a young revolutionary in Indie Hip-Hop destroyed the stage. Since the release of L.A. Riot, his project has sparked the unspoken riot that lies in the hearts and minds of his listeners and audience. L.A. Riot paints a daringly and unapologetic depiction of a young black male growing up in the city of broken dreams. Thurzday’s stage presence entwined with the lyrical messages embedded throughout L.A. Riot makes him an artist you not only appreciate but respect for shedding such light to the dark side of the city.

After Thurzday hit the stage, the energy in the building was nothing short of electric. Fans overwhelmed with anticipation for Pac Div were at the peak of excitement after hours of patience. Since 2006, Pac Div has managed to maintain a widespread influence on hip-hop lovers of all ages, and their popularity has steadily increased since the release of their latest debut album The Div. Immediately as Pac Div hit the stage the El Rey came alive. It was quite humbling to see some of their biggest fans in front row rapping line after line across stage as the trio played tag team with their songs. Members Mibbs, Like, and BeYoung carry the same hype that they carried when they first started playing small shows. Some of the crowd favorites were “Posted”, “Anti-Freeze”, “Mayor”, “Fallin”, and “Still a Knucklehead”. It was clear to see the trio’s appreciation for their fans as Mibbs, BeYoung and Like made it a point to reach out to their fans during the set. Pac Div has come a long way but they remain unchanged. In an era where most artist seem money hungry and self absorbed Pac Div appreciate and show more than enough love to their fans. It’s always humbling to see Los Angeles Hip-Hop fans becoming more involved with the movement.

The lineup was the perfect blend of consciousness and raw, unfiltered energy. Everyone had a great time and as all in attendance retired from the El Rey, it was obvious everyone walked away with a dose of inspiration in them than when they came and that is what Hip-Hop is all about.

-Renee Oquel
All Photos by Bianca Giovanna

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