A Tumblr IRL: Flying Lotus “You’re Dead!” Listening Party (Recap)

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On September 23 Flying Lotus fans were treated to a rare peek into the mind of one of music’s most intriguing artists. Teaming up with Tumblr and taking over Silverlake’s Mack Sennett Studio space, FlyLo envisioned a fully immersive experience to showcase his latest work You’re Dead.

Upon entering the venue you literally had to walk through Flying Lotus’ head, following a strobe lit path to an unknown destination. All manner of scary creatures roamed around, leading you to the next room, or lacing attendees with limited edition postcards. Next you came upon a living art installation created by Timeboy, which created moving images within the shadows of guests as they walked by.


Finally guests came to the main room with a beautifully conceived stage with visuals from frequent Flying Lotus collaborator Strangeloop and flanked by massive pieces of artwork from the album from Shintaro Kago and an oculus immersion for that extra trippy journey. The night flowed through a series of various elements and influences, starting with beat sets from Brainfeeder artists before sliding into a live string quartet led by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson that created a mood of calm and beauty. This was followed by a live presentation of the album You’re Dead with Lotus occasionally singing or chiming in as the dramatic and thought-provoking anime style visuals pummelled the audience. The new album finds FlyLo embracing psychedelia in ways far beyond his previous material, showcasing a newfound depth to his art. The night was ended off with a lovely jazz piece fronted by Thundercat, completing a night of musical and visual experimentation and openness, the very hallmarks of Flying Lotus as an artist.

- Norman Mayers

All photos shot by Asato Iida












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