The Process with CODAK Smith

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We recently caught the progress of contemporary graffiti artist Codak Smith painting his distinctive abstract style on the walls of Ironlak Los Angeles, the Australian aerosol company’s Los Angeles store. The following week he painted a model, incorporating her into the work. The photographic prints from that shoot will be available as a limited edition print series for Ironlak.

Codak’s work, informed by graffiti and graphic design, is characteristically full of motion, lines curving and swelling and mesmerizing viewers. His line-driven forms are at the same time organic and geometric.

This piece, he joked with us, looks like two peacocks got in a fight, feathers flying everywhere. The beauty is that everyone sees different images in the shapes and spaces he creates.

Codak’s artistic roots in graffiti go back to 1988, and after finishing design school, he went back to painting. Graphic design led him to break out of the traditional graffiti mold and start experimenting, says Codak. His work continues to evolve while keeping his unique style consistent.

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-Alexis W.

Photos by David E. Winkelman and Tatsu Ikeda/Bholanath Studio

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