Paintings by Diego Gravinese

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Argentine painter Diego Gravinese’s photo-realistic paintings recently caught our eye. Actually, we had to do a double take. At first glance it is hard not to mistake these works as photographs. Mimicking the aesthetic of snapshot photos to perfection, Gavines’s hyperrealistic paintings of candid moments reveal desires that are tucked away in our psyche.

What we found most compelling is the way that Gravinese captures the delicate transition of girlhood to womanhood, and the sexuality that develops with physical change. Candid moments of various stages of self-realization are a reflection of the complexity of the coming of age experience.

Gravinese also paints surreal scenes, such as “The Duration of Promises” where oversized crystals grow in the corners of a cold blue room, surrounding an embracing couple to create what looks like a snapshot from a dream.

Gravinese has shown his work at numerous galleries in Argentina, Spain, and the United States. Check out more of his work on his website.

-Alexis W.

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