KATSU Tags Kendall Jenner’s Calvin Klein Billboard with Drone vandalism

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With drones being one of the biggest topics of discussion throughout the world these days, it was only about time that an artist would spark an idea to start making use of the technology. Graffiti artist KATSU recently setup a drone with paint and flew it to the Calvin Klein Jeans billboard on Houston in SoHo, tagging the face of Kendall Jenner. The billboard for the ad is one of the biggest in the city standing over 6 stories high making it a canvas and artist cant resist but to vandalize. In the video, you see the drone pop up hovering over the location and firing off rounds of red spray paint across the face of Kendall. KATSU is also planning on releasing a consumer-friendly graffiti drone in the near future for graffiti enthusiast so make sure to be on the lookout and check out some up and close pictures of what the drones are set to look like in the near future.







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