RetcH – Finesse The World

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Mixtape: Finesse The World
Artist: RetcH
Released: June 30, 2015

Retch brings back mean rap with sinful street tales on his latest mixtape “Finesse The World”. He gets back to his old ways as we heard previously before on Delinquents and Degenerates. It’s literally a work of art the way this man paint pictures with his words. The production is all over the place, but there’s two from the returning “Polo Sporting Goods” producer Thelonious Martin. This tape overall is expert level, showing that whether it’s the grimy flow or the smooth PSG flow, He can rap with the best of them.

Some of our favorite tracks are: “Around Here,” “Bad Luck,” “Idk What 2 Tell U,” and “Dirty Ginger.” Stream “Finesse The World” in its entirely below.

Tim Akuchi

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