Victory Reyes’ Jungle at Known Gallery

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San Francisco based artist Victor Reyes killed it with “The Jungle”, a show of new works that recently opened at Known Gallery. Also known for his graffiti as REYES, his signature style on canvas and on the street is organically curving forms and geometries that look abstract. But when you look closely letters and creatures emerge from the swells.

On view at Known Gallery is a product of a two year exploration of the human nature and survival. The gallery glowed with vibrantly colored panels that were concerned with celebrating the underlying violent and primal instinct that is present in all mammals. Among the flurries of color and form hung dark works with a gritty texture. They looked as if the image was struggling to push to the surface, attempting to surface from a murky swamp.

Reyes has shown his work internationally, and in 2010 was featured in the cover story for the San Francisco Chronicle for his project “Misspelled” where he decorated the Mission District in with all 26 letters of the alphabet. Check out more of his work on his website.

-Alexis W.
Photos by Carolina Isabel


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