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Artist: XXYYXX
Released: March 27, 2012
Label: Relief in Abstract

New to my ears is this very young, 16 years to be exact, producer XXYYXX aka Marcel Everett. His sophomore album that is out now digitally through Relief in Abstract is a soothing and heavy instrumental album. Creating music out of his bedroom in Florida, XXYYXX has learned quickly that soft hypnotizing vocal samples and tripped out drums with breaks that just make everyone go wild is the way to produce an album. The first few seconds of “About You” slowly builds up with those whispering vocals and it feels like a love song for the beat maker and the music. He is very well rounded using original drums and being able to capture the feeling of wanting to replay the album. Another sing that hits is “Set it Off.” It has that hype up, synthesized organs, underground Florida feel. Definitely hope the kid makes it out this way to bring the house down at some shows. You can download the album on his bandcamp.


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