SiR – Seven Sundays

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R&B has faded in the back of Trap beats and repetitive rap music filtering out the fervent sounds that once greatly inspired artists and their audience. Straight out of Inglewood does songwriter SiR produces an emerging sound that has also globalized in the hands of The Sound Of Tomorrow; Soulection. Alike as his soul brother Iman Omar, SiR has curated music deeply rich in nutritional symphonies that can be heard in his newest project “ Seven Sundays”.

“ Sir is an honorific address used in a number of situations in many Anglophone cultures. The term can be used as a formal prefix, especially in the Commonwealth, for males who have been given certain honors or titles (such as knights and baronets), where usage is strictly governed by law and custom. The term is commonly used as a
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Seven Sundays isn’t a cathedral gospel yet its tone is set around authentic vibes, spacey instrumentals and metaphorical lyrics to resonate in your thoughts. Inglewood native SiR newest album “Seven Sundays” sets a new standard of Alternative R&B and Soul. Each track individually distinctive are produced by several captivating producers such as “Falling” Produced by Alvin Isaacs II, “Can We Still” Produced by Iman Omari and followed by his neighboring producers; Tiffany Gouché, Chris Dave, Knxwledge, DK The Punisher and the General himself, SiR.

Before parting ways with Woodworks Records not only has SiR worked on individual tracks for himself, the young multitalented artist has worked along the lines of Philly’s very own Soultress, Jill Scott. She herself has given SiR the proper praise in his music, vision, and style stating “Get into him, great Writer, dope Vocalist, beautiful Human Being. Watching you fly is my supreme joy young man.” Great music all trickles down to the artist’s character. SiR reflects his own personality and thoughts throughout Seven Sundays while creating a familiar feel for his listener’s.

Some of our favorite tracks are:
Love You
In The Sky (feat. Fat Ron)
Liberation (feat. Anderson Paak)
The Bullet And The Gun
Crashing down

With the current state of America, “Liberation” sheds light on social pain that is being kept quiet amongst media while “The Bullet And The Gun” puts a POV on how women can be the shooter right after everything comes “Crashing Down.”

Stream “Seven Sundays” above by clicking the album cover. Purchase via Fresh Selects. Enjoy!

– Ny Wesson

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