After the Laughter: Herakut in Los Angeles

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Last month street artist team Herakut showed Los Angeles more of their monumental talent at their exhibition ‘After the Laughter’ at LeBasse Projects in Chinatown. Originally from Germany, Hera (Jasmin Siddiqui) & Akut (Falk Lehman) have been fusing their unique styles internationally since 2004. Their contrasting characteristics breed dynamic murals all over the world. Los Angeles is lucky to be a home to a number of their murals on walls throughout the city.

The pair work together to create a unique style by each bringing something different to their project. Spray paint, rollers and dripping water manifest content and shades illuminating a beautifully dark essence, another world that is seemingly real, and always evoking critical thought.

The morbid side to this has a lot to do with the technique we use because we always try to incorporate the natural flow of water, as it drips. To let that happen and not cover the drips means that we allow physics to happen.

This latest exhibition transformed the whole space of LeBasse Projects with an installation that seamlessly incorporated paintings, sculptures and photography. The show coincided with the release of their 2nd book After The Laughter, a behind the scenes hand made scrapbook filled with collaged pages of the duo’s collaborations from 2009-2011. It tells the story behind their stories and is a beautiful piece of art itself.

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– Erin Leigh

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