Moo Shows the Future of Digital Business Cards

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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls…. The revolution has officially been televised and you are all witness to it. With the growth and advances of technology breakthroughs has allowed for so much growth and innovation such as company’s such as Moo who have just changed the way everyone will utilize the way we use business cards in the future. The London-based design company have launched their all-new digital Business Cards+ that can display the information of your choice with just one tap. These premium quality cards are embedded with an NFC chip that lets you provide anything from your website, downloadable app or online shop.The clever little chip lets you log into their Manage Paper+ section that gives you free reign to see who is interacting and change the “Actions” as you see fit. Revolutionizing a simple concept, these futuristic calling cards connect to Windows and Android phones featuring your own custom designs. Visit their website here for more info and to get started.

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