Hummel J presents exclusive collab with Master-Piece and Roots&Co

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East meets West in an exclusive collaboration from Danish sportswear brand, hummel, Japanese design collective ROOTS&CO, and Japanese bag manufacturer, Master-Piece.

The collection merges two internationally recognized aesthetic directions – the functional Danish design and the urban, high-tech attitude of Japanese street fashion. With a distinct focus on activity and performance, water-repellent material and reflective detailing on every piece ensure the collection can be used night and day in all climates.

Designed by the Tokyo-based design collective ROOTS&CO, the range features a jacket that turns into a vest, a new edition of the hummel Pernfors Power Play sneaker, and a bag. A print is inspired by the different wards of Tokyo and is created by Japanese illustrator Nowartt.

Available worldwide in select stores including Black Rainbow (Paris), YME (Oslo) and Storm (Copenhagen).

Luci Wilden

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