RECAP: The New Guys On The Block, Le Court, Grand Opening on Broadway & Alder

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Here I am, about a mile and a half away from downtown Portland, moving about an inch a minute, on my way to the Le court grand opening. Starting to have flashbacks to when I was visiting Los Angeles and can’t help but ask myself in the horribly congested traffic, this many people really wanna live in Portland now? The event had already started and I’m going to be late just to have to leave in less than an hour, but I had been looking forward to this grand opening for awhile.

I finally pull up, an hour late that is, and the events turned into basically a block party on Broadway, which is right in the middle of downtown PDX. People from all areas of Portland’s creative scene; fashion, photographers, artists, musicians and even barbers had come out in full force to come hang out and celebrate with Le Court manager, Alex Veltri. They had a DJ, drinks, a free T-shirt contest you could enter, chocolate strawberries, bubble tea, and of course the one thing no good grand opening party should go without, complimentary spring rolls. Sorry about eating like ten Alex, I was pretty hungry.

Le court is a combination of athletic, street, and classier men’s fashion. Carrying mostly brands from Italy and even Dyne clothing from Japan! Their prices are at a good margin between designer pricing and affordable for those who aren’t into dropping too much money on clothing. Unlike other larger cities, almost everyone here knew each other or was mutually connected in at least one way or another, so there was nothing but smiles, jokes, and the occasional try at sneaking some alcohol from the bar tender without being ID’d. All in all it was a great time and I was sad when I had to leave early for some other plans I had. Be sure to check out the store on Broadway and alder whenever in Portland or their awesome online website Check out a few photos of the grand opening below!

Adin Penner

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