Alexander Spit Drops His Unorthodox New Album “Alive at Virgil Normal”

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LA/SF rapper and producer Alexander Spit recorded his one-of-a-kind project at a shop located on the corner of Virgil and Normal in Los Angeles, CA. The album, “Alive at Virgil Normal” was written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely over the course of ten hours. Spit welcomed his friends, fellow rapper, and fan to join him in his unorthodox studio while recording.

The end result of “Alive at Virgil Normal” is a 26 min tape with a dusty, laid-back, soulful, raw feel. It features guest appearances by Theo Martins, Champion Chills, Manu Li of Warm Brew, Hugh Augustine, AmirSaysNothing, Senay, KT the Terrible and Gray Robertson. The album was pressed into 100 cassette tapes on-site. Each cassette is 1 of 1 with hand drawn cover by artist Matt McCormick. The project is available in-store or here, via Spit. Stream “Alive at Virgil Normal” above, and peep the behind the scenes making of the tape below.


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