Shy Girls – Salt

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While listening to Shy Girls’s album Salt, the title really stood out as it seemed an ironic name for an album filled with sweet, personal sounds and an emotionally driven tracklist. If the use of salt is to add freshness or piquancy to taste, having the quality of being pleasantly stimulating or exciting, then this is exactly what Shy Girls accomplishes with this album.

Shy Girls seasons our preconditioned ideals of R&B with his own flavor, producing a fresh and piquant sound that combines his soulful and sincere vocals with an illustrious yet passionate band backdrop. With influences from RnB, jazz, pop, electronica and rock, he oscillates between strikingly moving guitar solos flowing through songs like “Watercolor Dreams”, confessional yet catchy lyrics that will get stuck in your head – I can’t seem to get “Trivial Motions” and “Why I Love” out of mine –  while perfectly paired pianos, synthesizers and eccentric drum beats blend to create an intimate and surprisingly upbeat flair in songs like “Say You Will” and “You Like The Pain Too”. This mellifluous groove throughout, and the way Shy Girls embraces intimacy, romance, and emotional sincerity is extremely tasteful. So whether you’re looking for a new playlist to listen to while you’re with a significant other, or just want something new and exciting to spice up your night, try a dash of Shy Girls’s Salt – it just might satisfy your cravings.

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Words by Caroline Cardenas.

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