RECAP: Metro Boomin Smokes Out Santa Ana

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January 19, 2017 10:30 PM –The Observatory had just opened their doors to a line of over a thousand eager hip-hop fans ready to see all-star producer Metro Boomin. The line had started around 9:30, and naturally the biggest fans were the ones in the front. A small roar of relief and excitement came from the crowd as the first security guard let the first person in. Within ten minutes of being inside I could no longer even guess how many people had packed the venue.

There were 3 openers that night; the first act started promptly at 11. As soon as the stage lights lit up and smoke machine activated, there wasn’t a moment of silence until after 2 AM. After the second performer, a man with a large bag took center stage. The crowd rumbled with screams for Metro and I heard questions as to who this man was. Without saying a word he reached into his bag. Immediately he launched the contents of his hand into the crowd, and they lost it. This hood Santa Claus had thrown hundreds of small capsules containing small nuggets of cannabis into the ocean of grateful faces. Security guards looked at each other with panic in their eyes, but surprisingly allowed it. At this point, the show was literally lit.

When it was time for the headliner the lights went down, but the energy was off of the charts. As his signature tagline blasted from the speakers, the crowd mirrored it in unison; “Metro Boomin want some more, ni**a.” Young Metro took the stage and proceeded to play his own and hits of his collaborators and colleagues for the next two hours.

Words and photos by Ty Levey.








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