Richard Wright: Open Minded

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Album: Open Minded
Artist: Richard Wright
Released: March 27, 2012

Richard Wright brings that South Central cold street rapping with a pinch of lyrical consciousness. Releasing “Open Minded” late last month on ILLregular Instrumentals Wright and J. Bizness came out with an album that is as smooth as butter. The Cali swag we all know is felt throughout the whole album. A few tracks into the album you come across “Kick It” which features Andre Damar. Rich lowers his voice and lets the words slip off his tongue to melt the mic. This is a straight up L.A. track that rhymes about ladies, Cali, and weed. While Andre is dropping his lyrics you can hear the beat speed up just a bit to keep up with his quick rhyme style. The combination just worked so well I made the track my ringtone. Bizness comes through with the chop and screw type production that has heavy bass and a snare that will keep you glued to the speakers.

Continuing the slowed down production are tracks like “You Don’t Know (ft. Belvi and Mr. Sobers)” and “Dreams pt. 2: Nightmares”. Not only does the album use this style, he also switches it up with “Fuck It” and the collaborations are just right. You hear verses by John Robinson (Scienz of Life), Trek Life, Skeem Price and many more. “♥ ft. Phonte” is a track that understood the theme of the album. Phonte being from Little Brother (which I have always been a fan of) was just the right touch for the song that is a ballad to hip hop. Open Minded was made to make listeners think outside of the box and with the light hearted beat, uplifting lyrics of “♥” was on point for this album. You could cop it here.


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