Dot & JNTHN STEIN – No Filter

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Continuing a collaborative effort that has included multiple tracks and a music video over the past year, LA-based producer / vocalist / DJ / multi-instrumentalist, DOT, has again teamed up with NY’s JNTHN STEIN on a new single, “No Filter.” The track sees DOT and STEIN delve into the musical depth of somber melodies and mesmerizing vocal performance. 

Featuring a combination of organic and electronic instrumentation, “No Filter” features guitar strums, percussion, synth, and a haunting vocal top line from DOT that quite literally “numbs the senses.” In a conversation with NEST HQ, DOT elaborates on the the collaborative process that culminated in “No Filter:”

““No Filter” actually began as a beat for a TeamSupreme cypher. Stein was in LA for a few days, so we did most of the writing and recording at my house in Echo Park, then ended up finishing it at his studio in Brooklyn when I was there last summer. Jonathan is probably one of my favorite people to work with of all time — we seem to balance one another’s styles really well during sessions. I’m always way up in the clouds with floaty melodies and emotions while he brings the grounded energy with bass and production.”

“No Filter” will be featured on DOT’s debut album, Retrofuture, due for release in April 2017, via Unspeakable Records. Stream the new single above, and check out JNTHN STEIN latest release ‘Changes” here.

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