RECAP: Death Of My Teenage Tour (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Robb Bank$, Ski Mask The Slump God + More

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Brooklyn, NY – 2/22/2017

It’s not too often I get the chance to catch artists on the same tour twice, but if I had to pick it would have been this one anyways. 2 potential XXL freshman, Robb Bank$, and one of the most influential producers in the underground all on tour together, what else could you ask for?


The show was opened up by Ill Chris, an artist I’ve seen multiple times in the North west. Chris came out immediately throwing water in the crowd and bringing up the energy. He also happens to be known for standing on the crowd, yes that’s right, not crowd surfing, crowd walking, like Jesus if he was into rap shows an moshpits. He was accompanied during his set by Rude Ass Mogli, an artist I’ve seen around but have just started to familiarize myself with.


Next was Ronny J, master producer and rapper. He’s got an easy 15 million+ plays collectively on songs he’s produced. Right now he’s got 2 in the top 50 charts on SoundCloud. If his name doesn’t immediately ring a bell he’s the one to thank for “Threatz” by Denzel curry. Ronny puts on a great performance and kills it just as much rapping as he does producing.


Third set was $ki Mask The Slump God, an artist who I’ve seen go from being one of my “secret slap” artists on the aux cord to “how tf do you not know ski mask the slump god” in barely a years time. Consistently puts out hits, brings crazy flows over crazy samples, and consistently does whatever the fuck he wants on social media regardless of what repercussions may come. As soon as he walked on stage the crowd went nuts just from his presence and they didn’t turn down once during his set. I’ve seen him live three times now and everytime the crowd is bigger and more lit than the last. Keep an eye out for him on the XXL freshman list


After $ki’s set ended it was Wifis funeral who came out, an artist bringing back that dark lyrical feel that reminds me of earl. He’s seen much success in the last year with his music and will also potentially be an XXL freshman. He just recently dropped a video for “hell on earth” produced by Grimm doza, the first song off his album “when hell falls”. His performance was something else, he has a combination of hype music and also stuff that makes you just have to stand there and think about what he’s saying. Was dope seeing an artist do some accapella on stage, wifisfuneral definitely is here to remind people about you can be a lyricist and still keeping it interesting.


Finally to top off the show and end the night was nobody but Robb Bank$ himself. Robb has been relevant in the scene for a few years now and has consistently headlined tours and put out music that keeps people coming back for more. His set consisted of lights off, phones flash on, water everywhere, and standing on the bar of the venue to finish his performance. I’ve seen wild but that was a sight to see. Between all the moshing and kids going crazy I was amazed the venue didn’t have to cut it short, but luckily the knitting factory in Brooklyn is the coolest venue in New York and went along with whatever.

Peep the photo recap below!

Words and photos by Adin Penner.












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