JNTHN STEIN – Everything Is A Drug

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Brookyln-based producer and multi-instrumentalist JNTHN STEIN returns with the first single from his forthcoming EP, ‘Everything Is A Drug.’ An experimental fusion of jazz piano, blues guitar and off beat rhythms come together in unison, all produced, recorded and performed by the man himself.

“Everything in this world makes you feel something. Whether it’s a potent substance, wind on your face, a tasty meal, a lover’s touch, the trickling sound of water, delicate chords on a piano, the jingle of drums, singing a melody you love alongside a screaming guitar, at the end of it all is the human brain receiving sensory information and turning it into emotion. I wanted to capture that in this song; every and all things that get you high on life, all in a single inhale and exhale.” -JNTHN STEIN

Listen to ‘Everything Is A Drug’ above!

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