RECAP: The Purple Ape, Sahbabii, Made The Roxy His Jungle

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On July 29th, the Roxy ended its month with a show from up and coming Chicago rapper Sahbabii joined by supporting acts Camgirl from No Jumper, Kid3rd, Don Krez, and Pollari. The night began a little slow with people trickling one by one. The first act, Kid3rd, performed his set trying to get the crowd hyped. Following, Camgirl did her best to put some energy to the crowd as podcast host Adam22 contributed the cause, which gradually increased the atmosphere of the show. Adding to the momentum, Don Krez made an effort to drop tracks to wake up the crowd as well. Eventually, Pollari, a rapper from Atlanta, performed his set, which got the crowd hyped alongside his guest Warhol. After his brief set, the crowd feeling warm was ready for Sahbabii and his team. Beginning the set, T3 and 4orever, presented a handful of their own songs to set the tone for Sahbabii, the Marisupial Superstar. As he come out for his set, fans were yelling and applauding at the highest energy of the night.

While Sahbabii was performing songs from his album S.A.N.D.A.S. such as “Purple Ape,” “Gernimo,” and “Only Knew 1 Way,” mosh pits formed, crowds were singing the lyrics, and simply just producing a good vibe. In addition, his cult following made monkey noises, a highlight in “Marsupial Superstar” featuring T3. Ending his set with his hit “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick,” Sahbabii performed a solid set for his fans.

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