RECAP: Diz Gibran & Moonshine Showcase @ The Common Ground

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Sunday night, Hip-Hop became alive once again with the revival of the unheard. The crowd next to the stage was vibing as the beat flowed out of the speakers. presents “The Common Ground.” The show where people became one passing drinks around creating positive vibes which lingered throughout the night. The show was hosted by Noa James and Curtiss King at “The Vibe Bar and Grill.” First to join the stage was Emcee Aspect One who recently released “Balance” last month. His music was a mixture of Hip-Hop, R&B with some soul. Aspect One is an easy going intellectual whom gave us an unforgettable performance. We cheered, we became ill, and we enjoyed each minute.

Next on stage was Noa James and let me tell you his presence is vivid! As if you were watching some shakespeare in the modern Hip-Hop era. So organic, his rhymes are raw; they become a lifestyle that he throws in your face. Everyone started wildin’ out next to Curtiss King whom in some way looks like Sinbad. They began performing one of the tracks “Disrespectful” as the crowd waved their hands in the air and yelling “I’m so disrespectful.” It made you want to be disrespectful and throw yourself in a mosh pit. These two artists show the humbleness and love they have for their people through a poetic and appreciated way that is their music. Afterwards a tall slim guy with some Air-Max Nike shoes walks up on stage, Stevie Crooks, also known as “Crookie” and the Tazmanian/Alien six-foot lyrical beast prepared to roc the mic. After that night, all I can hear in my head is him repeating “Crookie,” “Crookie,” and more “Crookie” over and over again. He gets the mic and starts to talk, then his music starts playing. Everyone comes and surrounds the stage as cameras start to flash and his shoes begin to shine. Stevie Crooks gave that street vibe with a nice flow and steeze on stage. His rhymes provided the hype the crowd needed with a “you’re going to listen to me” attitude. Each verse was perfectly hand crafted with spectacular punchlines, abundant rhyme speeds, and witty genius that was like a movie illustrating his nights of glory and nights of pain. On his track “Punishment,” Crooks showed off his skills saying, “I’m rhymin like Osama Bin Laden drivin in the drop,’that means I’m rappin off the top.” Aside from that, he presented a freestyle; spoken words that left you in awe by the end with his California State of Mind.

Last but not least Diz Gibran & Moonshine; these two individuals showcased their unity and different style on stage. It was that East Coast/West Coast type thing that made you curious on what was about to happen. Diz Gabran had a gold necklace that stood out the entire night in my eyes. Moonshine had a chill relaxed look to his exterior. it was as if these two individuals had just come out a Dharma Zen Center to throw you some of that positive aura. An outstanding performance they threw to the crowd; while one spits on the mic, the other is moving and vice versa. Then they came together to reunite as one. It felt like one of those classic Hip-Hop shows back in the 90’s where the performance becomes natural; here for the people to give out what they have and not to take from what they do not have. Diz Gibran & Moonshine resemble what Hip-Hop should be in this era with their instrumental head bobbing beats. They also had us rocking to some of their new tracks that are coming up.

In other words this show was epic and Illsociety Magazine is pleased to have been there to visualize and feel what came with it. My perspective of many things have changed, such as my views on the world and the so called “cool” mainstream artist out in the world.

-Tania Espat
Photos by Carolina Isabel

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