Henzo – Shells For Arms (Super Kitchen)

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Emerging Bristol-London collective Super Kitchen follow-up a limited run 12” from Maribor with their first, full-length VA compilation, Rhythm Foundation Vol. 1 — a smouldering collection of bright and barmy club abstractions from crew members Mistareez, Lima, Macchina and more.

Already a force in their home cities, Rhythm Foundation Vol.1 moves to establish Super Kitchen’s vision beyond Bristol and London, serving up some of the wildest, cut-and-paste club ammo out there right now. From Juice’s bubbling drum trak opener, ‘Love Island’ — a new collaborative moniker shared by Macchina and Ctrl Traxx — to Scimii’s charging, funky onslaught ‘Yeahyeah’, the compilation is a gold mine of boisterous new sounds.

Excellent tracks from NAAFI’s OMAAR and Track & Field’s Dean Lyon also lend welcome co-signs to the project and moreover, Super Kitchen’s borderless view of the landscape, while new club experiments from Tight Knit’s SYMSTRESS and Ed Zini as £££UP, as well as RKS signee DJ POLO and LOBBY, compound ‘Rhythm Foundation Vol.1’s exploratory spirit.

Super Kitchen launched Rhythm Foundation Vol.1 with a free download of new Henzo track, ‘Shells For Arms’ — listen / download here: http://bit.ly/2gefgrv


1. Juice – Love Island
2. Mistareez – Ups & Downs
3. OMAAR – Strong
4. Lima – E Number
5. LOBBY & DJ POLO – Chicken In A Bag
6. Macchina – Canal Woe
7. £££UP – SYDE RD RDM
8. Scimii – Yeahyeah
9. Track & Field – Dyson (Dean Lyon Remix)

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