Electronic, Soul, R&B Artist Blasko Released A Dope New Single Titled “Ms. Love”

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Ms Love 3000x3000

Nearly a year since releasing his much-loved debut single ‘Another Love’, Melbourne based Electronic, Soul, R&B artist Blasko is getting ready to drop his forthcoming mixtape Blasko In Love Pt.1 via Majestic Casual Records. Blasko gives us our first taste of Blasko In Love Pt.1 with his new single titled, ‘Ms. Love.’ Were digging the new song so far, we look forward to hearing Blasko whole project.

“‘Ms. Love’ represents a time in my life where I had no limitations and I didn’t say no to many things. One night Tentendo was at my house and we were listening to Masego’s EP with Medasin “Pink Polo” which is absolute fire (Shutup and Groove being my fav tune) and we got to “Girls that dance” immediately sharing one of those.. “eyyy..we needa make something like this”.. so next thing, we wrote what we call today… ‘Ms Love’” – Blasko

Listen to ‘Ms. Love’ below.

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