“It’s The Low End Theory Y’all!”

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Where do I even begin with what went down on the other night. A lot of us have heard of Low End Theory Club, some coming since day one and others are here for the first time. I would have to say that for those who were able to get in on this wonderful Los Angeles night got a treat of a lifetime. All night the place had a line out the door and with in the first seconds of hearing those double-stacked speakers bump, people rushed to the stage. Daddy Kev had the crowd hooked instantly with new track s from Computer Jay and amazing samples of Mahavishnu Orchestra. Being one of the many talented people involved with this weekly event, Kev was injecting the crowd with lethal sounds that had us all dancing. This was only the beginning of what was to come and having 4 amazing resident DJs as well as different special guest every week confirming L.E.T is destined to keep growing. DJ NOBODY followed Kev’s act to showcase some of his new remixes of people like Asap Rocky, Chamillionaire, Lil Wayne and live drum beats. All tracks that are touched by NOBODY get transformed in the most unique compositions by vocal changes and psych rock additions. Closing his set with a dub step remix of “Rack City” by Tyga, DJ Dstyles got dialed in and opened up with banging Flying Lotus track. Dstyles ran through the place with up beat jams and old school hip-hop that had everyone jammin out. When he let “Computer Love” by Zapp & Roger hook drop the fans went wild. To keep the place live special DJ was Taurus Scott. This kid is awesome and brings it with hard heavy dub-step. He dropped fresh new original beats and some Juke that was off the hook. There is video to only tease you of what you could have experienced. I loved the Mario and Bozer track he had thrown in the mix. During this time, you saw Gaslamp Killer getting his tools ready to do what they do best.

He began first by hitting the mic and thanking everyone for coming out, followed by introducing us to his Coachella set for the ones that weren’t able to make it. With his signature curly fro waving wildly due to him loosing himself in the music, you heard the sweet sounds of Flying Lotus, remixes by Mono/Poly, an amazing Cypress Hill “Insane in the Membrane” cut. The energy was out of control and you can feel it through everyone in the crowd. GLK ended up blowing me away with a left field track of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. Soon enough 2 figures ended up on stage with grins and when they lifted their hats everyone flipped out. Instantly you felt your chest thump from the boisterous roars of the fans for The Grouch and Eligh.

Also known as G&E, are two MC’s from the notorious Living Legends crew. Right out of the gate, they hit us with classic tracks like “Say G&E” and “Boom”. Grouch was always in the midst of the crowd reaching out to fans as Eligh dropped fast verses and gave daps to others. The duo was dynamic and had the whole place focused on the good vibes of their music. Bodies were everywhere and no body cared who was around because all the focus was on dancing. Special guest Luckyiam and Sunspot Jonz rolled out on stage and it only got even more heated. Kids were crowd surfing when all 4 MCs were ripping it up on stage; others were on top of the speakers. It was the only way to end a set. After giving thanks and stating that there was still one more artist to perform, the entire crowd knew and were anxious to see who was coming up next to bless the stage. El-P surprised everyone by jumping out from nowhere and started to rap with GLK backing him. Being the founder of Def Jux records, he came out ready to put show on.

He and resident MC Nocando had playful back and forth rhymes that were fun and when he decided to bring the heat you hear the note of “The Full Retard” track drop. Leaving a show on that track is the way to do it. Everyone was singing along and they couldn’t get enough. This goes down every Wednesday night at The Airliner Club. So you all if in the area come and have a good freaking time.

All Photos by Carolina Isabel

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