Peter Kuli & Still Haze Released Their Second Collaborative Single, ‘Potion’

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Peter Kuli _ Still Haze - Potion [Artwork]

Producer Peter Kuli and singer-songwriter Still Haze released their second collaborative single, ‘Potion’ via Majestic Casual Records.

Hot off the heels of their first single release titled ‘Cozy’, the duo further their analogue-meets-electronic sound in to new territory, ditching the ukulele for atmospheric synths. Still Haze’s vocals offer a raw and endearing quality that works alongside foley water recordings and a sparse instrumental to compliment this stripped down soundscape.

”Potion’ was conceived as an acoustic idea written with just guitar and vocals. It’s a self-reflection with an air of sass. It describes a newly attained mental state of moving forward in a bit of a pragmatic manner. There are references about cutting toxic people out of ones life and getting tired of being burdened by others’ complaining and negative energy. It’s a lash back at people who are not taking responsibility or holding themselves accountable for problems that they’re not taking steps to change.
My songs are always written from a place of almost contradictory duality. So there are lines that purposely play the alternate perspective.’
– Still Haze

Listen to ‘Potion’ below. Enjoy!

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