RECAP: Valley Queen – Not Your Self Help Guide

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Currently on the SUPERGIANT tour that spans from LA to Brooklyn, Valley Queen opened their first show on 7/28 with a resonating message, “The artist is not your self help guide.”

Hypnotizing vocals and the appeal of fame often lead to the hallucination that artists are cosmic forces lacking real life issues; mere entities brought down to Earth for our singular pleasure and personal resolve. While the therapeutic element of their music is undeniable, Valley Queen wants you to know that they are not your therapist.

They are weary of their music being taken as a prescription rather than a perspective. SUPERGIANT is the band’s way of coping in this crazy/beautiful world because as frontman Natalie Carol says, “Shit gets fucked up but you just have to figure it out.”
Their chemistry and fluid stage presence lends to a belief that a little groovin’ alongside introspection ain’t never hurt nobody… and that’s exactly what they did.


Supported by Roll Call Records, the band is backed by Shawn Morones on guitar, Neil Wogensen on base and Mike Deluccia on drums. Natalie was dressed head to toe in white and bathed in the orange light of the intimate venue. She swam across the stage alongside the notes of her guitar and exchanged energy with her comrades in this “fucked up thing” that is their band. Tiny earthquakes rumbled in her throat as she poured out her angst over “Ride,” the brainchild of a pregnancy scare and “Gems and Rubies,” which was inspired by the plight of Philando Castile.

The Moroccan Lounge opened in 2017 and is tucked away on 1st street in the Arts District. You enter through a bar and shows are held in an adjoining 250 capacity room. Traditional Moroccan blue adorns the building’s facade while the inside is indicative of trendy, yet soft spoken LA design.

The band is set to hit some notable venues in San Francisco, Houston and Brooklyn to name a few.

See full tour schedule here.

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