Bumbershoot Day 1 Recap: Something Old And Something New With JPEGMAFIA, Lil Wayne And More!

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On Friday, August 31 we attend the 3 days Bumbershoot international music and arts festival held in Seattle, Washington. As we pulled up around 2 PM we headed over to the media booth to picked up our media credentials. Then we walked towards the entrance of the festival and walked right in through the VIP entrance. Once we were inside we mobbed over to the Main Stage to catch JpegMafia’s performance.

Now to be honest this was our first time seeing JPEG. We arrived to see him thrashing his body in boots and sweats shorts as if he was having a bout with himself on stage. As he continued with his raw in your face delivery, he finished “Baby I’m Bleeding” and began Fuck Morrisey creating a call and response with the crowd as they chanted the hook back. Jpeg began jumping from stage to crowd, to speaker meanwhile the crowd raging in sync wildly moshing to the hardcore vibes of his commanding presence.


The schedule was tight and if we wanted to catch more artist, we needed to make our way across the field to the next stage. Along the way, an array of stands were playing music, selling glow sticks and air chairs. An ellipse of balloons cascade the sky over the Seattle Centers large water fountain. We arrived to the Fisher Stage, a grassy field with a convenient beer garden in the middle of the festival.


Duckwrth came out explosive on the stage to “TAMAGOTCHI” wearing a red space jumpsuit, rapping his lyrics with tons of expression and charisma. It was apparent he came to win the crowd over. By the hook he was gigging (dancing with lots style) on stage; hyping the ladies and crowd. Over the course of his set, he displayed range and a broader musical palette. Describing his style would have to consist of smooth introverted indie lyrics over funky guitar riffs and bouncy drums. It was clear, we would be grooving to the whole set – no shame. A few standouts of his performance: “THROWYOASSOUT,” and “MICHUUL.”

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“15 mins to Xavier Omar” notified my phone from the Bumbershoot app; it was time to mob that way. However, the path had only become more interesting passing radio stations with live DJ’s and dancers, carnival popcorn and a metallic unicorn. Yeah, that’s right, a metallic Unicorn.

Arriving to Xavier Omar performance; he had already taken the stage. Loosely crooning over the licks of his guitar player and band he began “The Motive,” a crowd favorite. Strolling the stage in a wrestle-mania jacket his pillowy vocals serenaded the stadium effortlessly. You could tell he was comfortable on stage and the live instrumentation only enhance the performance. His set only intensified as time went on and he performed “Grown Woman” a more upbeat song admiring his affinity for an independent woman. Definitely a highlight for the R&B lovers.


We were only able to catch the tail end of DoNormaal’s set which thankfully was enough time to watch her perform her newest song “Ego Slave” a funky guitar infused space bop. DoNormaal’s got this melodic type Valee delivery that hooks you; plus this raw nonchalant confidence while she performs. With her diverse music palette, delivery and style she stands out of the crowd and is someone you want to watch for.

Food was the move at this point, and we knew just where to go. Across the field above the Fisher Stage sat a Co-Op of fine eateries and restaurants. Bok Bok was the choice of the day offering a Korean fried 10pc at a better deal then Wingstop. So good; not to mention they offered five sauces that completed the whole experience.

We had to make our way to support PNW’s own Episcool. Rocking the Exhibition Hall, a pretty big indoor space displayed 2 large LEDs on each side of the stage both set up in sync with her heavy bass and trap tracks. I gravitated towards the dance floor to bask in all that was cool. Hearing her flip Drake’s – Non Stop into a hype dance tune was the motivation I needed, and also the best appetizer for what was to come at RL Grime.

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RL came to play starting his stage off with lots of energy and anticipation. Constantly dancing and jumping around he continued to build momentum until the moment of the flame filled infamous drop. That repeated a few times but let me tell you; It was crazy. From the hellish graphics in the background in combination to music and pyrotechnics RL really set a bar for main stage performers. In RL’s set, he weaved to original productions with remixes of the Migo’s and artist alike.

After RL’s performance, the festival had filled up, lines for everything. We made our way to the bar to have a brew and an elevated view of the stage.

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As my 1st time seeing Mura Masa live I wasn’t sure what to expect especially with this being the third electronic producer. However, Alex (Mura Masa) brought along string section, band and female vocalist that had the crowd guessing it was NAO. My bets on Fliss, either way, the sultry tones over the beats and live instrumentation is what really brought home with the bouncy upbeat vibes. Playing hits like “Love Sick” and “Complicated” they also play a good variety of songs from the album. Such a good vibe, lots of crowd interaction and dancing; really embodying the festival experience to me.

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I can’t begin to express the excitement We had for this performance but if I’m being honest I had low expectations. Wayne came to stage on fire rocking a classic pink leopard jacket and shades running through cuts like “Go DJ,” “Best Rapper Alive,” to “Lollipop” & “A Milli.” He really was in the pocket the whole time and the crowd loved it. Featured with him on stage was an all-star band fueling the performance like a heartbeat as Wayne juggled multiple flows and voices. Throughout the show, Wayne instructed 3 rules 1. He’s not shit without you 2. He’s the best rapper alive, lastly 3. He’s not shit without YOU. It was made very apparent after viewing such an amazing set from the legend; stepping on stage like he never left.

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Ludacris’ stage was packed, as he hit the stage rapping acapella he captured the attention of audience quickly. By the time the beat dropped, the crowd had already gone crazy. Luda went through so many classics from his catalog like “Welcome to Atlanta,” to “Good Lovin.” His music literally caters to everyone, so it was funny to see even the festival staff singing lyrics and dancing. He closed the show out for me and definitely left an impression.

That wraps up Day 1 of Bumbershoot. Stay tuned for Day 2, and check out more photos below!

Words by Sean Jackson. Photos by Jr Gonzalez.

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