Blood Orange Leaves His Mark At The Greek Theatre With MadeinTYO & Empress Of

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The Greek Theater in Los Angeles has hosted many legendary acts. On Friday, September 22nd, Blood Orange would leave his mark, along with MadeinTYO, Empress Of, and a few special guests. We arrived just as the sun began to set behind the abundance of trees enveloping the theater, the mist slowly rolled in to join us. Once the sky had transitioned from the sunset gradient into a deep blue, MadeinTYO opened the show, announcing that this was his first performance since the passing of beloved Mac Miller, a friend and inspiration to many; the energy was set for a powerful evening. Empress Of took to the stage shortly after, invigorating the crowd with her electric presence. She skipped around in an incredibly vibrant, ruffled, rainbow ensemble and her cascading curls flounced around to the beat of each song. After her set, the crowd buzzed with anticipation.


Blood Orange arrives under a dramatic, red light and begins with “Orlando”, the first song featured on his 4th studio album, Negro Swan. The crowd sang along furiously throughout. One of the most memorable moments of the night was delivered by Ian Isiah, featured on “Holy Will”, captivating the theater with one of the most emotional, transcendent performances we have witnessed in awhile. I’m sure that there were many tears flowing in the crowd beyond our own. We were equally as blown away by the performance of “Hope”, as Tei Shi’s refreshing voice washed over the crowd. Approaching the night’s end, nearly everybody has left their seat to stand and dance freely in the bleachers, the pathways, on steps and beyond, a cinematic sight.

All in all, Hynes stage presence and performance was reminiscent of a play, dramatic and evocative, reflective of the nuances of our human experience. Hynes, closing out the night, in awe of the moment, noted how wild it was to be there, so wild in comparison to his first LA show at a hotel pool. “If anyone was there….there were like five people”, Hynes adds, as he now stood in front of thousands.

Words and photos by Amina El Kabbany.














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