Paintings by Melanie Authier

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Melanie Authiers paintings take you on a visual journey of the negotiation of opposites, chaos versus control. The colors, luxuriously rich and silky, mixed with textured strokes thin and thick, create a look of dimensional mayhem begging you to jump in.

Her work is abstract but what makes it so diverse and interesting is her utilization of strategies of representation. “My work is abstract but there’s an organization you would find in traditional landscape painting of a foreground a middle ground and a back ground. I’m interested in having those elements play out within that transition of abstraction but then also be confused where all of a sudden it goes back then comes forward again. Each of my paintings are very much about bringing visual contradictions into one imaginary space.”

Melanie was born in 1980 in Montreal. Her most recent solo exhibition The Ribbon and The Lightning Rod at Georgia Scherman Projects (2010/2011) was reviewed by R.M. Vaughan in The Globe and Mail.

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-Erin Leigh

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