Eric Elms ‘ViewSonic’ Opens Friday, March 8th, 6 – 10PM

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Eric Elms is an artist and designer living and working out of his multidisciplinary studio in Los Angeles CA. He has shown in numerous group shows around the world as well as solo shows in New York, Tokyo, and Paris.

Drawing upon his own art practice as well as his work in print and design, Elms appropriates elements from his previously established graphic language and breaks them down by syllable, re-inventing and re-purposing the familiar to the brink of ambiguity. The imagery is in flux between banality and trope, forcing the viewer to further reflect upon the image itself rather than it’s direct representation. This new language is used intentionally to degrade the imagery. The work exists in the crosshairs between representation and abstraction.

ViewSonic will present two iterations of this process; a series from his “Halftone” paintings as well as a small selection of his “Stair” paintings. Made possible with support from adidas Originals.



48”x 60”
Canvas, Rubber, Sumi ink, Toner pigment, Dye

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