Neijah Lanae Releases Her New Single “Wonder”

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Wonder Cover Art

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Neijah Lanae shares a compelling new single titled “Wonder.” The song will be featured on Neijah’s upcoming EP due sometime later this year.

“‘Wonder’ is a song that I have been working on for over a year. I wrote it about the uncertainty of pursuing your purpose and how powerful the mind can be in helping make sense of that purpose. I found myself repeating a cycle with my music, where I let insecurities and doubt overshadow my confidence and pride for my purpose, ultimately realizing that I had the power to pull it together and live in the now.” Says Neijah

“I’ve performed “Wonder” at Girls Art Show (alongside other femme acts like Amindi K Fro$t, Ill Camille, and Clay) time and time again over the last year and some change. It has been a source of healing for me and I feel grateful to finally release it to the world.”

Listen to a snippet of “Wonder” below, and stream the full song via Spotify or iTunes.

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