Nosaj Thing’s Shares Timetable Vol.2 Compilation

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Los Angeles based record label Timetable Records founded by producer Nosaj Thing shares its latest offering Timetable Vol. 2. The new compilation represents a unique cross-section of audio, visual, design, and interactive media. Timetable Vol. 2 showcases exceptional works from Nosaj Thing, Whoarei, Holodec, D Tiberio, 4thsex, Gerry Read, and more. Each artist brings their own sound and technique to the project.

Some of our favorite tracks are “Sunbeam” by Whoarei, “Shower” by Nosaj Thing, “Beach” by Damar Davis, “Keep Shit On” by Holodec, “What I Feel” by Daito Manabe, and “Wait (ICU)” by DJ Doberman.

Timetable Vol. 2 is def a compilation that is not to be missed. Stream it below. Enjoy!

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