RECAP: Mr Brainwash 2011 Art Show

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Mr. Brainwash strikes again with his latest art exhibit show in LA following his appearance on Exit Through the Gift Shop. Walking into Mr. Brainwash’s 2011 Art Show, you will immediately be immersed by pop culture. Everyone seemed to be in their own world among all the huge pieces of art. A massive bull blocks the entry covered in photoshopped images of Mickey Mouse, Coca-Cola and plenty of other easily recognizable images. Many of the images used to cover objects have been used repeatedly so Mr. Brainwash does the job of leaking images into your mind quickly. There were areas of the building that were open to the public and had been destroyed by many of LA’s most active street artists. There were plenty of notorious crews and familiar LA street artists to be recognized such as MSK, 7th Letter, Rotting Fresh, CBG, Sand One, Haunt and Mute. Many other familiar faces were spread throughout the gallery in the form of installed art pieces. Mr. Potato head was there in a pair of Nikes, Mona Lisa was in the building disguised in a trendy hipster mustache, and Andy Warhol was beside friend Jean-Michel Basquiat. Michael Jackson, Kate Moss, and Muhammad Ali’s faces were found in a scowl as you first entered the building in addition to various walls scattered throughout the exhibit. Mr. Brainwash’s clothing from Exit Through The Gift Shop was on display as well as free posters for everyone in attendance. For a behind the scenes look at how Mr. Brainwash goes about his day and puts together some of his incredible artwork check out “A Day In The Life” on Hulu.

-David Winkelman

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Photos by David E. Winkelman

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