Melbourne-Based Collective 30/70 Announces New LP & Release “Tempted”

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Those familiar with the 30/70 collective will instantly recognize the cosmic melange of boom-bap dynamics, neo-soul harmonies and spiritual jazz textures that have defined their sound since their debut release Cold Radish Coma caused a stir back in 2015.

This formula was majestically expanded upon with their critically acclaimed 2017 release Elevate on Rhythm Section INTL. Elevate did exactly that – elevating both the scope of the band’s sound as well as their standing in the local and international community.

Once again, the Melbourne-based quintet has managed to up the ante with their latest single “Tempted” which provides a feverish glimpse into what awaits us in the full-length LP Fluid Motion, due out later this year. An instant classic; at once seductive and outspoken, Tempted simmers with a potent tension unleashed through daring vocals, searing sax hits and frenetic percussion work, all held down by luscious chords and a tighter-than-tight bassline. This is the work of a band at their creative peak. Despite coming in at under four minutes the track manages to meander effortlessly through a breadth of emotions, moods and sonic landscapes.

Listen to “Tempted” below, and discover more of 30/70 music here.

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