Hungarian Jazz Collective Abase Releases Stunning Debut EP “Invocation”

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Budapest-born and Berlin-based producer, pianist and multi-instrumentalist Àbáse releases debut EP Invocation.

Created in a live recording session set up with Àbáse’s home-band in Budapest, Invocation is seven pieces of instrumental artistry, each channeling a musical journey of its own, while inviting the listener on a personal, emotional journey with guests which he encountered during his travels in Brazil, Ghana, and Europe.

The EP was recorded mostly with two drummers, two bass players playing simultaneously, a flutist, a percussionist and Àbáse playing Rhodes and synths, “Invocation” hosts a wealth of guest talents as well from diverse backgrounds.

From title track “Invocation” featuring Brazilian percussionist Roque Miguel, to the lengthy jazz-infused “Align” which boasts the vocal stylings of Nigerian vocalist Wayne Snow, third track “Skeme Goes All City” which reflects Àbáse’s hip-hop roots, while “Sambo,” recorded in Berlin and Ghana, guest stars Ghanaian vocalist Stevo Atambire, accompanying the band with kologo.

Afro-funk “Get Off Di Floor” adds a brass section and a guitarist, for a unique take on the classic afrobeat “big band” arrangement, while final track “Ashek Ellil” lends itself to being the most experimental, featuring Moroccon artist Saïd Tichiti on vocals, oud and karkabat. Over a mix of tweaked synths, Yoruba-inspired percussion and the oriental sound of the oud, Tichiti lays a beautiful poem in Arabic.

Dive into this awesome project below. Enjoy!

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