Majid Jordan Release New Song & Video “Caught Up” Feat. Khalid

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OVO Sound’s Majid Jordan are back with new music and a video for “Caught Up” featuring Khalid. The vulnerable and intimate slow burner encompasses all of the experiences and emotions the group has encountered while submerged in the Los Angeles lifestyle. The Mathew Dillon Cohen-directed visual follows the group on a seemingly pedestrian getaway on the outskirts of LA until a sudden turn of events transforms the trip into a psychedelic experience, eventually leading them to Khalid.

The synergy between Majid Jordan and Khalid is palpable over cinematic production as they reflect and pose the everlasting, reflective questions: “How many songs can I write? How many wrongs can I right?” A new chapter for the group begins with “Caught Up” as they gear up for a new project coming soon.

Watch the video above.

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