Houston Based R&B Singer/Songwriter Peyton Has Released Her New EP “Reach Out”

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Houston based R&B singer/songwriter Peyton has just released her new EP Reach Out via Stones Throw Records. Reach Out is a callback to R&B icons of the past, however, Peyton makes it clear that she is the voice of today’s scene. Alongside the EP release, Peyton dropped a new video for her recent track “laylo/crazy4U”. On the track, Peyton lets her voice shine bright on a simple but silky beat, describing the pains of playing it cool in a new relationship. The song’s new video, in a velvet-and-gold draped daydream, offers the perfect compliment.

Peyton was born and raised in Houston, growing up with a love for music. Inspired by her late grandmother Theola Booker, who was known for her Grammy-nominated compositions and arrangements for Reverend James Cleveland, Peyton’s career in music was inevitable. Despite her upbringing during the internet age, it’s not hard to hear the influence of R&B legends like Erykah Badu, Prince, and Amel Larrieux, sonically woven into her new EP.

Watch her “laylo/crazy4U” video above, and stream her new project here.

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